The heat-supply heater product characteristics and working principle
Release time: 2016-09-07 11:03:16

The heat-supply heater is the key equipment of the heat-supply system, is one of the main equipment of thermal power plant, its main function is to use steam turbine extraction or brought the steam from the boiler of (heating media) to heat of circulating water in the hot water supply system to meet the heating user requirements, so as to realize combined heat and power. The heat-supply heater heater and heater peak network points and basic network two kinds. Heater is a basic network work continuously during the whole heating time, bear heat load is meet the vast majority of users to the requirement of hot water temperature during heating. During the coldest winter, heater series in the basic network, improve the heating hot water temperature to meet user requirements for higher water temperature heater andcontrolling called peak heat supply network heater.

The heat-supply heater is ?