The characteristics of the plate-fin heat exchanger
Release time: 2016-09-07 10:58:31

The characteristics of the plate-fin heat exchanger

(1) high heat transfer efficiency, as a result of the fin on the fluid disturbance boundary layer to burst, thus has greater heat transfer coefficient; At the same time because the diaphragm, fin is very thin, high thermal conductivity, so make the plate-fin heat exchanger can achieve high efficiency.

(2) is compact, because the plate-fin heat exchanger has extended quadratic surface, making it the specific surface area can reach 1000 ©O / m3.

(3) light, compact reasons for, and more for aluminum alloy manufacture, now steel, copper, composite materials have been mass production.

(4) strong adaptability, plate-fin heat exchanger can be applied to: gas - gas, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid, all kinds of heat transfer between fluid and the heat set state changes. Through the arrangement of the flow channel and the group of ?